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BiLan’s Studio


524 North 7th St.

Categories: Galleries/Studios, Artists
Location: LowerTown Arts District
Hours Of Operation:
Open by appointment. Opening date for BiLan’s new studio will be announced soon!


BiLan was born in Hunan Province, China. While living in China, she worked for many years as an artist and art director, graphic designer, and fashion designer, experienced in Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, gouache and oil painting.
She is now a Painting Instructor and Chair of the Painting Program at the Paducah School of Art, and she maintains a studio in her home in Lower Town. She previously taught at Indiana University’s Herron School of Art and Design. BiLan received her MFA in painting from Kendall College of Art and Design and also an MA in painting from the University of Indianapolis. Her two most recent major projects have included a series of paintings entitled "Coming into Tibet" and a series of paintings depicting, through her own experiences as a young person, the period of the Cultural Revolution in China. BiLan’s work has been shown widely, including in the United States, in China, and in Paris.  She is currently working on a book including her stories and images of her paintings.


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