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Paducah Renaissance Alliance

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About The Artist Relocation Program

The Artist Relocation Program began in March 2000 and has become a national model for using the arts for economic development.  At a time when funding for the arts is being cut, Paducah fosters an environment where artists and the arts can flourish.

While the financial incentives offered by the city were limited to dilapidated housing at little cost (often as low as $1) and professional design fee assistance of up to $2,500, the intrigue of becoming a part of a true art enclave proved irresistible.  To date, LowerTown artists/residents, primarily through a generous and innovative financing arrangement offered by community partner Paducah Bank, have invested over $30 million in restoring this model community to its previous glory. For more information on available properties and incentives please call 270.444.8649.

Artist Relocation Incentives

  • Zoned for live/work spaces. This enables residents to have gallery/studio, restaurant/café, living, and other mixed uses.
  • Properties available for as little as $1 to qualifying proposals. Included is a $2500 reimbursement for architectural or other professional services. (Paducah Reniassance Alliance -owned properties only)
  • Marketing and promotional materials for the Arts District
  • Matching Funds Program. PRA will match marketing and promotional expenditures dollar for dollar up to the amount designated for individuals and groups of PRA member businesses and artists. Businesses must be located within the Renaissance Area to qualify for matching funds. 
  • For qualifying artists and businesses:
    • Moving assistance up to $2500
    • Start Up Business Assistance up to $2500
    • Make Ready/ Rehab Costs up to $5000
    • Acquisition Assistance up to $15,000
    • Restaurant Incentive up to $25,000

Qualifying emphasizes sustainability. PRA seeks artists that have achieved some notoriety in the art world. Qualified candidates are identified as persons in the field of art using a successful art business model. The artist must be able to demonstrate that their business produces sufficient sales and clients to support the artist while living/working in Paducah, KY. Special consideration will be granted to galleries and businesses that are "open to the public" and maintain a minimum number of "open" hours. Considerations may be given to artists that commit to making substantial contributions to the community through workshops or other highly desirable projects.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals are required only for Paducah Renaissance Alliance-owned property. Please see property listing for specific locations.

Those interested in submitting a proposal for a property in the Artist Relocation Program will be required to do a minimum of the following:

  • A $50 non-refundable application fee.
  • Purchase price offer for property.
  • Intended use of the property complete with any necessary documentation such as business plan, resume, portfolio, etc.
  • Detailed rehab plans in which all changes and improvements necessary meet code requirements as well as provide for the intended use. Please note that Historic Design Guidelines must be adhered to as well.
  • Detailed illustrations of floor plans and use of space.
  • Front, side and rear elevations of exterior facades including any significant architectural details. Drawings/Renderings must be large, clear, and detailed.
  • Firm third party professional (engineer, architect, knowledgeable & experienced contractor[s]) estimate of the entire costs for rehab. Estimate should be broken down by cost centers and include a total. At least two estimates are recommended.
  • Estimated firm timeline indicating the duration of the project from start to finish. We require start time for projects to take place within 90 days of deed transfer and completion of project to be within 24 months.
  • Proof of financial ability to complete the project in an amount matching the estimated costs. Proof must be in the form of a letter of credit, loan commitment, proof of cash on hand, or some other proof of financial ability acceptable to the Paducah Renaissance. Grants or special financing must be listed, but cannot count toward financial ability unless a copy of the award notice or other acceptable guarantee is provided.
  • Priority for start to finish projects, which address the entire structure(s).
  • Priority for owner occupied properties.
  • Priority for uses which contribute to the Arts District or which otherwise serve the highest and best use of the property in the opinion of the board.
  • Priority for proposals that retain and incorporate the significant exterior and interior architectural features of the property.
  • Proposal must be delivered sealed.

Mail or hand-deliver proposals to:

Paducah Renaissance Alliance
605 Broadway
Paducah, KY 42001

Note: The Paducah Renaissance Alliance retains the right to deny any application for any reason.

Articles About the program

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  • American Planning Association-National Planning Award/Special Community Initiative
  • Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association-Special Merit Award for Outstanding Planning
  • 2002 Governor’s Government Award in the Arts
  • 2001 James C. Howland Awards for Urban Enrichment-Recognition Award
  • Kentucky Arts Council Grant
  • City of Paducah Beautification Award
  • Kentucky Bankers Association-Pegasus Award for Community Project
  • 2004 Kentucky League of Cities-Enterprise Cities Award
  • Dorothy Mullins Arts and Humanities Award-National Recreation and Parks Association
  • 2005 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence

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